Frequently Asked Questions

Hawk joystick with hydraulic feedback

Why are these sticks much higher priced than expected?

Earlier in the development process we thought about mass production. Later we realized we don’t want  to compromise on the quality. Not on a single aspect.
So what you get is:

– Expensive brushless motors – these are not subject to wear.
– Contactless HALL effect sensors – high resolution (12 bits), no wear.
– Zero backlash.
– No wear.
– No deadzone.
– No fixed centerpoint.
– Reliable, expensive materials – long lasting.
– CNC-ed aluminium grip.
– Any color you like on the anodized aluminium.
… and above all: the most realistic flying or gaming experience!

Which games can I play with these joysticks?

All games that support joystick control. For the HAWK in particular games supporting force feedback.

How are the joysticks connected to the pc?

Both HAWK and FALCON are connected to the pc with an USB cable.
For FALCON that’s all, HAWK needs an adapter to provide enough power for the force feedback.

Are these joysticks only suitable for pc?

For now, we only tested them on pc.

How strong is HAWK’s force feedback?

Technically: the torque is 2 Nm. That means on a distance of 0,2 meter (where your hand is) it feels like you are lifting 1 kilogram.
Of course this force can be adjusted.

How do I attach the joystick to the table?

The joysticks are equiped with friction feet. For the more fanatic or powerfull user it may not be enough, so they can also be fixed with an M8 bolt through the table.

How fast are the joysticks?

The firmware allowes handle position measurements at a rate of at least 1000 samples/second. This means that the USB poll rate can be set to maximum 1 ms.

How precise are the joysticks?

The grip can be moved 20 degrees in every direction from the center position. The built in precision contactless HALL sensor gives a resolution of 12 bits in a full circle. That’s 11 positions per degree.

How durable are the joysticks?

By using a metal shaft and high grade industrial plastics the joysticks are designed to last.
Worn and creaking pots belong to the past with our state of the art contactless HALL sensors.
The brushless motors guarantee a long life.