Inspiring Flight Sim Weekend

The Flight Simulation Weekend was great. Many people had a chance to feel the Hawk. Although it was the ‘old’ prototype, with all the cracking and creaking, the response was very positive. It’s a good thing we choose brush-less motors for the production model so wear and tear is no longer an issue.

We developed a multi purpose joystick for gamers but the enthusiastic response from (semi)professional flightsim captains made us realize we have to make the powerful hydraulic feedback core available for builders as well.

There is a high demand for a yoke with the same realistic touch and feel as our Hawk. We have to work on that, too.

The hydraulic feeling is perfect for all plane types and helicopter simulators. You will feel the wind presure on your ailerons and elevator. In the near future we’ll also bring you hydraulic feedback pedals. So then you can feel all control surfaces (aileron, elevator, rudder and gear.)

Throttle, yoke, flap control panel and built-in unit will be developed in 2011.

Quote: “This can pull you right out of your chair!”

Flight Sim Weekend Lelystad - 2Flight Sim Weekend Lelystad - 1Flight Sim Weekend Lelystad - 3


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