Paccus HAWK

Paccus HAWKThe Paccus Hawk force feedback joystick

The first joystick with hydraulic force feedback

This joystick gives you real feeling and power. With state of the art sensors it is more precise than any other gaming joystick before.

The hydraulic pressure can throw more than a kilogram into your hands. Through its speed, precision and amazingly realistic touch the Paccus Hawk is perfectly fitted for flying, gaming and more.

The patented hydraulic system will be the core of a whole new generation of force feedback joysticks and other computer and robot interfaces. Not only for high end gamers but also for industrial and medical applications.

The high-quality, brushless motors are not subject to wear. The HALL effect sensors are contactless, so no wear either.
This joystick has zero backlash, no deadzone and no fixed centerpoint.
It is made out of reliable, expensive materials. The CNC-ed aluminium grip can be anodized in any color you like.
Its symmetrical design fits both left- and right-handed people.

The first exclusive series of Hawk was presented at the FSC Weston Flightsim exhibition in May 2011. Everybody who touched it was very impressed. With the hydraulic feedback switched off, helicopter pilots unanimously agreed that it feels like it is a real helicopter. It feels smooth, light and has no centerpoint or dead area around its center position. This allows for very precise movements and comes close to the real thing. At least when the aircraft has a seat stick.
With the hydraulic force feedback active again, everybody was impressed about both the precision, the smooth feeling combined with very fierce and strong force feedback coming from the flightsim. Most flightsim pilots are not into combat flying, but they all loved the feeling of the recoil when they pulled the trigger to take down the enemy. It gave them a real sense of power and realism.


Feedback torque > 2 Nm
Response time =< 2 ms
Interface USB 2.0 and higher
Drivers No drivers needed (built in in Windows and DirectX)
Stick controls Rapid fire trigger, 8-way hat switch (pov), 4 programmable buttons
Base controls 10 programmable buttons, scroll wheel
Casing material Aluminium and plastic
Size 240 x 251 mm x 235 mm (height)

Hawk hydraulic force feedback joystick with descriptions