Paccus HAWK Pro

Paccus HAWK Pro

The first professional joystick with hydraulic force feedback

The hydraulic core allows for realistic process simulation as well as real-time process feedback. The stick can communicate in various industrial interface protocols and has been set-up such that new protocols can be implemented upon user request. Both direct analogue inputs as well as digital control is possible for maximum flexibility. The PRO is tested for Windows and Linux.

The first sticks are being tested and evaluated by the European Space Agency (ESA). Together with their Dutch branch Estec we work on continuous improvements to comply to the highest industry standards. This will lead to higher performance and easier integration.

The design is focused on durability and robustness for a long trouble free operational use. With its modular design, preventive maintenance is easy as well as repairing.

The specifications are considerable better than the standard Hawk, but due to the cooperation with ESA, these are not fixed yet. The modular configuration also allows for user specific values for specifications like torque, dampening and grip lay-out. Final specifications are expected in the fall of 2019.