What people say about the Hawk

Bob Clinton (aka PlumbBob)

“Hi, I’m Bob Clinton. I have been flight simming for about 20 years. I have got pre screen setup with the ppo compatibles which is the best I can afford. Having tried this one I really find it really nice to use. I have tried force feedback joysticks in the past, but they are not precise enough and they are so much soft and mostly they are not strong enough. But I really like the feel of it. I look forward that they bring out the yoke version so that I can fly my airlines with it.”

David Williams

“My name is David Williams from www.mutleyshangar.com. Like Jack, I am not really an expert on flightsim but the thing I do like about this is it is really heavy! It really does feel like a joystick and when you fly …. hello, here we have a Messerschmitt coming up here, I mean it really does feel as if you got the plane. It is incredible!! The force feedback gives you the impression that the plane is at the end of the stick, it’s not you just simming. And the other thing I do like about it is that as you take the plane up and down there is no dead space in the middle. You can feel the joystick all the time, it really is. From the immersiveness point of view it is really terrific!”


“My name is Graham Flare. I am from Bath. I am testdriving, if you like ‘test flying’ this stick. It is very nice smooth. I fligh the PH28 and I find the response of it is very very precise and so it is very nice to fly and I wish that real flying was as precise as with this stick which has been designed for flight simulation and it is very realistic in a way and I find it very relaxing. I could spend 20 hours on flight simulation and training with this like and when I go out to do the real thing it obviously helps me to hone my skills.”

Jack Whaley-Baldwin

“This is Jack Whaley Baldwin from www.mutleyshangar.com using the Paccus Interface Hawk hydraulic force feedback joystick and we are just flying a combat simulator here. You can really feel the force feedback certainly on the joystick. For example, I am firing now, you feel the joystick moving forward and backwards. It really is an excellent simulation force feedback, I am lost for words really. It really is a marvel of engineering. Yes!”

J.D. Ashley

J.D. Ahsley: “I came to the exhibition really to look for a force feedback stick. Because I am not been very happy with the one’s I have seen so far. I am glad to see that Hawk/Falcon stick, excellent feel to it. My slight criticism would be that it does have a kind of hydraulic feel to it which doesn’t perfectly replicates what one feels as a pilot in one of these World War II aircrafts. You know, operated by wires and pulleys and that sort of thing. But I am sure that for modern day aircrafts like jets it’s totally perfect but I’m no expert there really. The only other comment, and I realize this is a prototype, is I think this should be more made to look like an aircraft control coming off the period. I’m actually quite happy to hear that you are going to make separate sticks, joystick handles to replicate the various types of aircrafts. Wel anyway, I wish you well and hope to test some more of your products in the future.”

John Fellows

“My name is John Fellows, I make Spitfire controls under the name Spitsim. This is the first time that I have seen this particular control and I am very impressed. I believe it is possibly the best joystick I have used. It has a lovely feel to it, it is light, it is precise and it has nice feedback, I am really impressed.”

Mack McCarley

“My name is Mack McCarley and I have spent 20 to 25 years simulating and I was invited over today to have a look at the control mechanism with the force feedback. I think the force feedback is wonderful. It certainly gives you the impression of flying and feeling the G which I did not have with any other product. I think that the fidelity of the product is ideal, there is a lot of sensitivity there and it does actually feel that you are feeling the G when you are pulling in the power and pulling back on the stick. So I would rate it as a 10 of a 10.”

Oliver Warren

“Hi, my name is Oliver Warren. My flight experience is rather limited I have done some light aircraft flying. I have also done some professional military flight simulation flying at the US Airforce. The Paccus Interfaces Hawk joystick I found to be very, very good. It gives you the feeling of the weight of the aircraft which is unique in products in this range. Traditionally we’re very used to having soft sprung joysticks and this one really gives you the sensation of the G forces acting on the aircraft. And not only that, acting on your body as well in having to lift up the weight of the aircraft.”

Terry Young

“Hi, I’m Terry Young. I’ve come to the show today and I have seen a super new hydraulic joystick. I fly Cessna’s from Bourne in Cambridge and I particularly I wanted to look at the new joystick today. I like this one because has very smooth operation and the force feedback really does give you a nice cue when you are flying the aircraft. The only disadvantage for me is the price, but certainly it’s on my Christmas list.”

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